Yacht Club Membership

Membership Information

– Please remember that you are only to collect the initiation fee and
not the annual dues, when signing the application.

– The treasurer will bill them for the prorated dues.

– The application then goes to the membership committee
for review prior to being presented to the board.

P.S. We also have old applications on the bookcase in the Club
lounge, if you want to scratch out and change to use.

Membership Application March 2017


30 S. Market Street
P O Box 162
Blades, Delaware 19973

Member of the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Club Association

Nanticoke River Yacht Club:
2018 Bridge Officers and Board of Governors

2018 Bridge Officers

Commodore: David Smith

Vice Commodore: Wally Abrams

Rear Commodore: Alan Johnson

Fleet Captain: Lisa Wile

Treasurer Lois Davis

Secretary Marty Woods

Corresponding Sec. Joyce Nolan

2018 Board of Directors
All Bridge Officers

Capt. Ron Borgenichat       2018-2020
Wayne Givens                      2017-2019
Charlie Larrimore                 2018-2020
Bill Ritter                                2017-2019
Past Commodore Linda Johnson